3D CNC engraving mini mill

Yesterday I built a little mini mill. My CD drive was not working, didnt have their software, so I talked to it and took the axis for test drives using Lightburn. Everything worked as expected. It got me to thinking, if Lightburn could do with my mill, what it did for my laser, wow. I wonder if there is enough interest to persuade the developers to spawn an “all in one” mini mill software. I’d buy it. Even if it just did pen lifts vs laser off, and was only good for engraving.

There’s no plan to do an “all in one” version of LightBurn. CNC and Laser workflows are different enough that I feel it would make the UI cumbersome for anyone not wanting both things, so a distinct package for milling use would make more sense, but for now we’re focused on lasers.

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By all in one, I meant, design tool, Gcode generator, & sender.