3d engraveing question

3d engraving when you have say a square image and you want to make it round, i know how to use the mask i do that but the sides and top and bottom are white and dont engrave is there a way to add the black to engrave those areas ? if this makes sence ?

thank you for any help

Not entirely clear. Are you saying you want to retain the mask to round the corner but you also want a black mask or border around the whole image following the contours of the rounded corners?

If so:

  1. Apply mask
  2. Select resulting outer shape of mask
  3. Use Offset Shapes tool to create a larger shape around the current shape. Make sure both shapes are on the same layer
  4. Set layer to fill

here is a picture you see the circle and it has white i want to make that part so that it engraves it round im makeing coins on my fiber
thank you

Okay. That’s quite a bit different than what I had interpreted.

A couple of options in order of what I think is preference:

  1. In an external application that handles raster images extend the size of the image with black enough that it will be larger than your planned mask
  2. Create a shape that matches the final rounded rectangle that you have. Then create a circle around that which matches the mask circle. Put those shapes on a fill layer. This shape should now look have the shape of all your current white areas but now filled. Group and then overlap that shape with your current shape. If the dark areas of your image are not true black the transition to the vector shapes could be jarring and noticeable.

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