3D on Corian no VOC's

Been wanting to try this, finally did. This was 4 passes, needed a couple more with the following settings.
Speed - 100mm/sec
power - 25%
Interval - .1

What are ‘VOC’s’?

Volatile Organic Compounds, toxic stuff I’m guessing

Yeah, that’s for a finished product sitting in a home or office, not for being ablated by a laser at 1500C - Corian is made from acrylic polymers and alumina trihydrate. There’s nothing safe about that when ablated.

I treat every product - wood, leather, mdf, acrylic, as being hazardous to breathe the laser exhaust.


What wattage ? I didn’t think of using corian,it would make great mould material for pewter casting eh?

60 W Omtech RUIDA 6442B-C
speed 100 mm/sec
Power 25%