3d printer owners... Could anyone make me this?


I am thinking about air assist for my diode laser and I have found this thingverse item which may just do the trick…

… The problem is I do not have a 3d printer or know anyone who does… In the UK I cannot find a ‘print my 3d item service’ either.

Could anyone help?

https://www.makeitquick.co.uk maybe this would help you.

That’s does look helpful but minimum order is £20+ delivery which seems a lot.

don’t know in which corner do you live… but there are some maker spaces in UK. maybe one would be in reach? https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/libraries-and-makerspaces/libraries-and-makerspaces

Hmmm, not seen these before… I will defo check these out.

I’d be happy to print it for the cost of shipping. But sure what it would cost to send it to ya, I’m in the US.

i also could try to print this for you, but i am form Austria and the Shipping to UK…

I have no idea the cost to ship from Austria or US??

I’m not even sure what postal options Austria has🤣

if i see this right about 15€

Any charge for the print itself???

Nah I’ll do it for free. I just got my printer and I’m still learning it. So some thing new to try would be cool.

If you still need this printed I am in the UK (Dorset) and have a small business that does just this type of thing. Let me know if you still need it doing.



I have PM’s you David

How will you adjust the focus with that thing bolted over the lens?

Well having run a focus test I know that my laser is focused currently… I also know that this focus point correlates to the z axis being 17mm up from its lowest position.

If I do not touch the focus knob then I will still be able to focus by ensuring that I am 17mm up from lowest setting when using 4mm plywood. I can then extrapolate to increase this as the wood size changes, so 10mm plywood would need the laser at 17+6mm = 23mm from bottom of the z axis.

The focus knob is more hassle than it’s worth now I have it focussed really well.


Coming late to the party, but see if you have any “Maker Spaces” in your area. You can either rent time on a machine or have somebody make for you.

Or, buy a 3D printer and watch your “project time” go from seconds/minutes to hours. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi, just sen your post - I am in the UK (Wakefield) I would be happy to give this a go, must warn you however that I only recently bought a printer and am still getting to grips with it , in between modding the monkeys out of it. I wanted a new toy to add to my WorkBee CNC and laser.

So if you want I can give it a go but cannot guarantee the results.

Regards Andrew

I have PM’s you Andrew

You might want to run your existing cone for a longer cut and see how much it heats up. You’d be surprised at how large the beam diameter REALLY is. My metal cone gets hot from the “extra” beam width.