4 color mirror tile

I’ve done a few etched mirrors but never tried a multi-color painted one. Until now.
Thought I’d have a try at the 4 color logo for our local shelter. The HSSC logo is kind of my go-to for practice and trying new stuff so they’ve got lots of my crap hanging on their walls. :smiley:

12" x 12" mirror tile, etched and painted from the back, one color at a time.
Haven’t decided what to do for a frame. Try and make something cool, or buy something easy…?

Sheesh, it just looks like a piece of paper in the above photo. It really is a mirror…


The etching removes the reflective coating? That’s cool. Nice job!

That’s a great result!

Yeah, you etch the reflective coating and it’s protective paint off the back and it just leaves clear frosted (etched) glass, ready for paint.

Here’s a single color one which is much easier and less time consuming.