45 W, tube laser

hi, I need some help. what can I do in this situation? it looks like gluing the outer ring has not been stable e
enough( copper tip). I added epoxy for glass ( It seems working amazing for couple of hours and then the copper tip still detaches. I have ordered a new one but I know I can still use this one but I dont know what other glue I can use . thank you.

I have used the normal 2 component Epoxy for the same problem, cleaned the surfaces and smeared very thick Epoxy all the way around. It worked fine for me.

but in yours it was all glass right? I need to try to glue metal and glass.

Yes it is correct but standard 2 component Epoxy is also intended for metal and will definitely connect glass and brass or steel. You must ensure a good connection between the ring and the glass tube, as straight as possible.

do you a pic of the brand by any chance? I am going to home depot to get one. did you apply epoxy just in the outer side of the ring right?

That cooling ring is supposed to help remove heat from the lasers front mirror and I’d bet $50 that they used a thermally conductive adhesive.
Regular epoxy may hold the thing on but it won’t be nearly as good for transferring heat.

In my country it is called “Plastic Padding - chemical metal”, when it is hardened it is possible to process them as “metal”, I would probably say aluminum. But drilling holes and cutting threads is fine with this material, it is most often used to repair old car bodies.
I have measured the temperature of the transition with a thermal camera and could see that the chemical metal conducts the temperature surprisingly well.

I got this one.

It says it resists 550 o F, I guess that should be enough, lol

As my laser tube was written off I just gave it a try and as I said, it worked fine for me.

yeah It seems same one I just bought :slight_smile: :grinning: