4K-N vs 4K-W camera image quality

I’m a bit confused about the cameras and the differences between them.

When I look at the 4K-N camera page it says:

A middle ground between our high-quality 8MP-wide cameras and the 5MP cameras, these are the same physical size as the 5MP, with a higher resolution sensor, but comparable image quality, and with a 4:3 aspect ratio.

Does that mean that the 4K-W camera has higher image quality than the 4K-N?

My bed is 900x600 so the 4:3 aspect ratio of the 4K-N camera is a better match. My camera would be 950mm above the surface (centered on the cutting area) so I could use 4K-W with 95 degree lens or 4K-N with 75 degree lens.

Which one will give me better results?

The 4K-N is a 4:3 aspect camera, compared to the 16:9 on the 4K-W. The N models are physically smaller - the same size and optics of the 5mp cameras, but with a higher density sensor. The 4K-W cameras are larger, with higher quality optics and a bigger sensor.

If you’re worried, go with the W-95.

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