4Up Drink Coasters

I’m using a diode laser to make drink coasters so it takes a fair amount of time to do each
I fixutured my table to hold 4 drink coasters so I can leave it to run a full set thinking the software would do each coaster individually, then move to the next. However, Lightburn sees the 4 up as one big job and traverses the entire area ,…back and forth back and forth like one big job making 4 X 30 min jobs into a VERY long multi hour job. Am I missing somehing … this is a limitation I didn’t expect.

LightBurn has some features that can improve speed greatly, Optimization settings: Optimization Settings - LightBurn Software Documentation

Please review the video there and adjust your settings. Changing the settings to ‘Order by Group’ is likely what you’re after. The Preview pane will be able to tell you the estimated improvements.

Thanks…I’ll look at that…