5000 parts setup ideas

May have a job for 5000 pcs 2X4" for the fiber galvo
Would like to possibly use the rotary, and machine an indexing plate.
Has this been done? Can LB do it yet? Any ideas?
Maybe a jig would be better…

Never done that before. If I had to, I’d go the jig route. Place, burn, Place, burn, etc…

Rotary isn’t that time consuming, but several steps can be eliminated with Jig Placement -vs- Rotary. I had an order for 300 20oz tumblers. Would have loved to do a jig thing -vs- the rotary.

Just my .02 from a newb.

Have you looked at the Repeat Marking Tool?
Repeat Marking Tool - LightBurn Software Documentation

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thanks that may be an option.

This video is rather long, but it uses the rotary pointed up to rotate a table they laser cut…

Might be worth the time to fast forward through it and see if it applies.