50W Chinese laser problem

Hello, sorry for my English, but it is the Google translation.
I am very new to the laser, I just received my 50W Chinese laser, blue and white, with Ruida RDC6442-S controller, as soon as I turn it on, the head goes home, but the Y coordinate reaches the limit sensor and it does not stop, it keeps trying to reach the limit, the limit detector is still on, not like the X that when it reaches the limit it turns off and stays still, if I put something metal on the limit sensor, it goes very slowly, I separate the metal piece and turn it over and put it apart and I can touch the controller, by touching the arrows of the Y coordinate, it only goes in one direction, I already touch the one above or below, to see if you who have been fighting for a long time These machines or one that has gone past, you can give me a hand, I am desperate, I read from all sides and I am not able to get out of the well, I suppose it will be to touch some parameter of the motors, but I cannot enter the system, no None of the passwords I entered works.
A greeting.

Juan Manuel

Fixed, a Y-axis cable that did not make good contact, when checking the cables, they were well in place, but when I touched them, I kept one in my hand, tightened it well and to work.

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