50W Fiber Laser Firing Incorrectly

I’ve been having issues with my fiber laser firing when it shouldn’t. The power fluctuates, but sometimes it is full power straight down, burning a hole in whatever is on the table. Anyhow, is it possible Lightburn can be causing the issue? My guess is no, but I want to rule it out. Here is a link to an example


That’s nasty… the video sure drives it home…

If this project is working correctly anywhere, then I’d rule out Lightburn.

If that’s not the case, I’d look at the project itself… Sounds/looks like you have had success with other coasters, so I think your assumptions are sound as it being some kind of hardware issue…

Is it still in warranty?

These coasters are more pricey, as they have the optional dimple to collect condensation… :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Sorry, I don’t have much information on what goes on in the box…


Things used to work fine. Started off with some snapping and popping that caught my attention. Even when framing, sometimes it will just start firing. Scares the crap out of me. Sometimes a beam straight down drilling to the center of the earth other times it dances around a bit. Lately, it happens quickly and I don’t dare run it. Even now as I type this I was trying to use EZCAD and I can hear the computer losing and getting back the connection with the laser, over and over. Anyway, I should never have messed with the software cause now I can get communication with LB or EZ. blah blah blah… Yeah under warranty, it’s just taking a long time with the back and forth. Heh! thanks again for the help!!

I hear you…

Takes a few emails before you think you are even communicating… at 24hrs each way it’s almost as slow as snail mail.

From whom did you purchase it?

I got mine from Cloud Ray, they have a site you can start up things, but it still takes time…

Good luck


I did Cloud Ray as well. They are nice but I am not the most tech savvy person so I’m sure they are rolling their eyes a bit at me. Now I just need to figure out what I did to the drivers and software. :cry:

I don’t think you could have broke it by software.

If you have communications that are in question, please post here and get the benefit of many of us that have had to deal online with some of these Chines vendors… I hope you sent that video to them.

I’ve only had configuration issues they neglected to setup or advise me of before I received the machine…

Be careful with that thing …

Good luck


Will do. I can post the process once I get it completed. I’m sure I will be back. Hey, if you have a sec… I think I deleted the drivers that LB uses. Can you head me in the right direct on reinstalling?


There are a couple of ways, I understand. I don’t get along well with Windows… I think there are separate drivers for EZCad and Lightburn.

Here is the Lightburn documentation for installation.

There is a Laser Everything video on something similar… might want to watch both…

Good luck


Thank you. I owe you a cup of coffee!!

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