50w laser can’t even make letters or words,

I got this laser a few days ago but it’s been nothing but issues, I try and cut the word test and get jumbled letters or lines

This was ment to say the word test

Looks fine to me. But I might feel differently if I knew what it was supposed to look like. So what’s it supposed to look like?

Maybe you could also share what controller your device has, and what version of LightBurn you’re using?
Kind of hard to give any advice with the very limited info you’ve provided…

Hi hank,
This was the word TEST,

I have a ruida6442s

And even with rd works or even just the controller files it’s all the same rubbish ,

Sorry for the lack of information I becoming very stressed out over this and really didn’t no what to write

Heh, the word TEST. Well, I guess it doesn’t look that good then. :slight_smile:

Does it look normal in the Lightburn preview window?
Can you show us a screen shot of your cut settings?

Yes it looks normal in the lightburn program and on the light burn test,

I can’t screen shot the cut setting right now as I’m afk, but no matter what settings I use it’s no different , also I find the y axis is way off the machine has no idea where it is,

Can you draw a simple square of known size (maybe a couple of inches square) and show what that does.

You say 50 w laser with Ruida controller, is this a chinese blue&white or similar?

Yes it’s 50w (red and black one) not sure if the colour makes a difference but a Chinese laser none the less,

Attached picture shows a hexagon I tried to make the other day as you can see it’s nothing like a shape at all

Eww. That’s ugly.
Does it move normally if you jog the head with the arrow keys, or does the the x-axis move erratically?

That random zig-zaggy stuff on the top/ left of the “hexagon” is rather reminiscent of what a stepper does when one of the 2 windings is disabled. (Bad wiring, dead stepper, damaged driver.)

Did you change controller settings?
If so, post them here. If not check what Hank said =)

You clearly have issues with this setup. Was this a new system when you acquired it? Looks like your controller settings are not what they should be. As you try to sort this out, try to reduce your testing to a simple object (a small square) so that you have a simple and consistent baseline to test from. This will allow you to evaluate the results you get as you refine the settings. The square becomes your “test control” as it does not change and can be tested quickly.

Do you have access to the manufacture’s settings for this system? If so, I would review the proper settings and compare to what is stored currently in your controller. While LightBurn provides a way for you to review your current settings, knowing how they “should” be set for your hardware is way outside the scope of LightBurn Software support.

I moved this post to the “Community Laser Talk” section to see if we can get some additional feedback from other members here. They may have some insight they can share.

Sometimes the heads move nice and smooth otherwise it’s all over the place,

Is this somthing I would be able to fix with ease or am I stuffed ?

When I got my red&black, the acceleration settings were rather… excessive. I had trouble with skipped steps and misaligned objects, In particular the acceleration and speed during travel moves between objects was much too high. I nudged them down some and all is well. But mine wasn’t nearly as bad as the examples above.

Rick is certainly right about checking the controller settings against known good numbers.

Is there any place I would be able to find out what the “correct” controller setting are?

I think I would mosey on over to https://rdworkslab.com/ and ask there also. Somewhere there a thread where folks have uploaded there vendor files for various machines. You may find what you seek there.

I would also open the side of the machine and (with it powered off) unplug the stepper motor connectors from the drives and swap them. (Plug the x motor into the y driver and vice versa)
It the problem stay on the same axis, then you’ve probably got a problem with bogus wiring or bad motor. If the problem moves to the other axis, then machine settings or maybe bad stepper driver are likely.

Since you received this laser just a few days ago, what has the seller suggested when you contacted them? To me, it looks like more than just an issue with controller settings. It would not surprise me that it turns out to be defective mechanicals, improper assembly, or wiring that has come disconnected/has issues.

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