$58 laser looking good and cool

Nice. I was hoping to be able to read the markings on the ICs but can’t make them out except for the one on back, ESP-12F. ESP-12F is a wifi board based on ESP8266… a very common low power 32-bit MCU. I assume that’s used only for the wifi interface.

I’m going to guess that the chip behind the USB port is a WCH321 for USB-Serial interface.

Are you able to make out markings on the two larger ICs on the front side of the board? I’m guessing the smaller one is a stepper driver but not sure. If so, there’s probably another one I can’t see. The larger one I’m guessing is the primary MCU for the controller. This will give some indication whether or not this board might be converted to be GRBL compatible and work with LightBurn.

Looking up the mainboard brought up this video which looks to be an identical unit under a different name:
Yofuly JL1 advanced laser engraving machine - YouTube

Okay. I thought this board looked familiar.

Check it out:

There is apparently an alternative firmware that you need to apply to convert this to GRBL.

Maybe @SpanishBob can help you identify how to get the alternative firmware.

Jack: I used my wife’s bank card, went right through, then I told her!! LOL

After a credit card failed, my wife tried a few more times with different cards and gave up. I sometimes wonder if they ship a few of these so they can say it was a mistake or something when they don’t deliver.

I’ve found when it chokes on a couple of cards, I may not like the results… Good luck with it I’m glad you didn’t get the shaft…


So apparently there’s an Amazon fulfillment center at that address called Amazon MEM6. So could be a drop-ship type of arrangement or possibly something more nefarious.

@jkwilborn I found what looks to be the same unit at Amazon for $69 if this is still compelling for you. Fulfillment by Amazon.

Amazon.com: Upgrade 3W Engraving Machine, Yofuly 3000mW Mini Desktop Engraver DIY Printer CNC Wood Router, Working Area 200mm x290mm

So apparently the original source of the GRBL firmware was @ergrinta.

He includes an email address in this post if you want to reach out to him. That’s the only thing that will make this laser of any use with LightBurn.

WAINLUX jl3 compatibile with LIGHTBURN - LightBurn Hardware Compatibility [OFFICIAL] - LightBurn Software Forum

Ebay has a 50 cm x 40 cm for $68.00

Well everyone,
My $58 laser just cost me a 100 bucks!!! you see, my wife and I have 3 checking accounts. 1- her personal account, 2- my personal and our account for bills and food, auto repair and so forth.
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Thanks, but I tried for the one that had an 11 inch by 8 inch work area that was $72…


Ok, I got this laser to burn, pain in the %$#$%%$$ to get it to work, I took a pic of it a few minutes ago. So far it looks that the you control speed with a slide bar, (aka. depth control) I finally found a button that converts Chinese to English. That helps.

I just now discovered that I lied to yall, sorry. This laser is the $79. Cenoz from Amazon that I ordered a
cancellation on. Amazon screwed me over. Just got off the phone with card company, not paying for this thing. And it did not come in an Amazon box. Thats what threw me! So I’m still waiting on the $58. laser to come in. Should be here tomorrow.

If you look real close at the tile, you can see where I washed off the Zinsser paint. There you have it, one white tile etched black and scratch proof. It"ll work for me, now that it"s free.

or your card may wind up with unauthorized charges

no it won’t !!

So you authorised your wife to get the $100 beforehand did you? :slight_smile:

yes and no she said she wanted her money back, so I gave her my card.
And she took a mile and charged me interest. I asked her why such high interest
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I rest my case. :laughing:

I purchased an identical machine from Amazon for $80. It’s decent but the software sucks and I’ve not been able to get lightburn to work with it. Has anyone figured this out?

Check my post from higher up.

Also, this recent post: