608 UBS connection on MAC

Wondering if anyone has a quick explanation of what needs to be done to get USB connection on a Mac to work. (if it can) I know usually you need the laserCAD drivers, but those are windows only. Is there a Mac workaround?

The MAC drivers are available here. Take note, there are two versions of the drivers. Make sure you get the one for your version MAC OS.

Worth mentioning that the older 608’s with FTDI connectivity aren’t supported by the public version of LightBurn, but are in the pending release. If you PM me, I can send you a link to a stable build.

Ooops! I remembered USB support being implemented. Forgot it is in beta. Ethernet works great and frankly has fewer problems.

USB works on 708’s and 3120’s, but apparently some 608’s use the FTDI driver, and I didn’t know that before the last release. It’s added in the pending one.

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Yeah, I remembered all of that after my last comment here

Thanks for the info!

I’ll fire off that PM now and give that other build a try.

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