60w black and red with new rotary

Just got my new rotary in today and think I have the steps per rotation dialed in. 1" square is exactly 1". Object diameter is input, as well as the roller diameter, caliper measured. I did a scan interval test and I’m not getting a clear engraving- lots of choppy lines and it’s not precise- the inside is rounded, deepest at the middle, and not at all smooth. I can’t think of any more information to add here that will help diagnose, but happy to answer any questions to get some help! As shown in the photo, the 4 circle test was done at 150mm/sec, 30 power. Scan intervals are noted under the circles.

Annotation 2020-05-20 145040

I opened up the side to check my x axis board and the dip switches have me set at 2000 pulse/rev, so I switched that back to where it was previously with my calculations and ran a revolution test with tape- all lines up perfectly with 2000 steps/rev. I just can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong :weary:

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