60W CO2 Laser with Ruida Crash when Control from LB and Pause on Ruida DSP

Hello together!
Maybe a beginner question or a Beginner failure from me, because i am totally new and have my first CO2 Laser…

If I let the frame area go down in Lightburn and press PAUSE on the Ruida controller, it goes fully against the end stop until it twists and does not switch off.

Even after an EMERGENCY STOP and a RESET, the whole thing no longer works.
have of course just moved the end stop again.
And after repeated on & off it now runs again.

Can it be “normal” that something like this happens?

How can he really “reset” when something like this occurs again?
Even after the EMERGENCY STOP, it immediately rattled on until it was there and the motor was blocked! :frowning:

I hope everybody can understand my bad English here. i have terrible English Skills, and Google translate… is not really a help :shushing_face:

King Regards

When you power up the laser, what does the controller say for the X & Y values? If they say 10000 each, your controller isn’t homing when you power up, and that means that any absolute positioning (user origin or absolute coords) will not work.

no the homeing works!

it crashes only the endstop on x axis for example if i run a Frame through Lightburn and then press PAUSE on the Ruida Display.
Then the axis will crash the endstop until it hits the metal and the motor blocks…

If you run RDWorks, draw a design, and click ‘Go Scale’ does it do the same thing? If it does, then it’s a hardware behavior that I have no control over.

No i run Lightburn Trial and want to buy it today or tomorrow.
I think the controller hangs up when he gets two controlls from two different inputs

What I mean is, quit LightBurn, run RDWorks, and try the same test there using the ‘Go Scale’ button (the equivalent of the Frame button in LightBurn). If the same thing happens when the commands are sent from RDWorks, then it’s a hardware issue that I don’t have control over.

sorry i dont try this… it happens some time and i want damage anything on may new Laser ^^
i am a Beginner and can not repair this very easy

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