60W MOPA problem with odd shape when marking

I am new to all this. I am setting up my fiber laser, and I have just noticed that when I try to mark a shape in Lighburn, and I enter the width and the hight of the object, the laser is marking the width correctly, but the hight is odd.
I am following the Laser Everything Lightburn crush course, and everything was fine before I started adjusting the parameters. I don’t know what I’ve done to be honest.
I am doing the timing and delay at the moment.

We know you know what you mean, but … should it be even, present or ? Be more specific and we can be more specific.

You can get back to ground zero - click devices, pick your laser device and edit.

If you click next, nothing will be changed in that screen. A couple of click in and it will request you to import your configuration file… do that. Then just click through till done. This should reset these parameters back to the original settings.

Make sense?