60W red chinese laser

Hi brains trust, I was given a red 60W Chinese laser to tinker with and have just got it setup and running. I don’t know the condition of the tube as the owner couldn’t tell me the condition as he hadn’t used it in a while. The issue I am having is that it works okay down the left side of the bed but if I try to cut on the right half it has a noticeable difference and I think it may be out of alignment or possibly the tube is on its way out. Have any of you amazing people seen this fault before? Can you point me in a trouble shooting direction. I will need to purchase and install and meter to check the output and this will be the first mod that I will be doing. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

That is very likely to be the problem. If your tube is bad, it will be bad all over the bed.
Try to take the small plastic spacer block and test the distance from the nozzle to your bed in all 4 corners and in the middle.
Mounting an ammeter I think is a must, otherwise you have no idea how your tube is doing.

… and congratulations on the machine :+1:

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I have used the same measurement on all locations for distance. I just followed the guide for setting alignment and bottom right corner is perfect dead centre. But when you move to the other four corners they pulse marks are all over the shop and the top right isnt even hitting the tape. so Alignment seems to be shocking for the 2 to 3 mirror. Do I adjust for each corner and try to get the pulse centre of the tape?

Is the level of the bed, ie the distance from the nozzle to the bed the same over the whole bed? I could not really read that from your feedback.
Regarding laser beam alignment, I will start completely fresh, from mirror no.1. It gives you a good feel with your new machine and you can at the same time check and clean your mirrors and lens.
In principle, it is a 4 corner setting / adjustment, but it is certainly not that difficult. There are lots of great guides online.
Feel free to report back with the development.

Thanks for the reply mate, Bed is level within a couple of mil on all four corners using the same spacer. I have found that mirror 2 looks like one of the securing screws has been done up to tight and it now is just spinning. Ill fix that and try again with the alignment