6yr old Full Spectrum ProSeries 24x18 90w CO2

Hi folks. I am new here but have been using Lightburn for my diode laser for awhile.
I recently picked up a 6yr old Full Spectrum Pro-Series 24x18 90w CO2 laser which uses the older Retina Engrave 3D software (no longer supported).
I really want to upgrade the controller to a Lightburn compatible controller but really don’t know where to start.
I contacted Full Spectrum and they don’t even have the wiring diagrams for this machine.
First, I am wondering if the upgrade is even possible. And if so, what controller I should be looking at.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Down-stream from the controller, you will need to asses the laser PSU, motor drivers, and homing / limit switches. Chances are decent that a DSP such as a Ruida could be swapped in. The more challenging parts would be retro fitting the HMI (display) and calibration of the each axis (but this isn’t that bad if you have any fabrication experience and familiarity with motion control / CNC).

Here is a link to the manual of a Ruida RDC6445G that can help you with understanding the connections.

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I’m doing the same swap at the moment now and having some confusing with the limit switches. Some were bridged on the full spectrum

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I should also add that you will want to know the current power source for the full spectrum controller as the Ruida controller suggests 24v DC as the supply for the controller.

This control system employs single 24 power supply. For a certain margin, it is suggested to select 24V/2A power. Besides, this system is compatible with 36V power, that is to say, the 36V power of Motion driver can directly be connected to this main power port of this system, but generally it is not suggested to do so.

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Here is a photo of the ruida controller

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Thank you for the information. I want to try and accumulate as much information about this laser as possible before I start down this road. I would hate to order a $600 controller only to find it won’t work on this laser.

What controller did you buy and what laser do you have?
Maybe we can help each other out on this.

Did you have any luck with the limit switches?

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