700mm x 500mm Limits

I have A 700mm x 500mm laser engraver I find myself having to use both RD Works & The Lightburn software. My problems are as follows: I can cut or engrave to the edge of my machine using the RD Works software. the same does not apply using Lightburn. I created the file in Lightburn, tried to export in Lightburn, couldn`t do it. that is my second issue, if anyone out there can help, I can sure use it.

I would check this in ‘Device Settings’ to ensure it is set correctly.

This is a guess as you have not provide much detail here. Have a read below. Could this be the issue you are seeing? If so, this is a known and fixed issue for the next release.

You can likely cut to the edge of the machine in RDWorks or LightBurn, but you won’t be able to engrave to the sides with either of them without triggering a “not enough extend space” error. This is because the head overshoots the design a little when engraving (the amount depends on the speed and acceleration settings).

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