7W Laser shuts off in the middle of engraving

I’m new to laser engraving but did a lot of reading and got my 3018 CNC Laser Engraver set up.
I followed one of the tutorials on Lightburn to make a Wifi QR code but every time i try engraving it, the laser (7W) halts somewhere after ~5mins. The X and Y axes cease and the laser goes off. The fans attached to the laser and the laser’s power module continue to spin. The job time is about 14mins but after the failure occurs the timer still continues counting.

My overall design was under 100mm wide but I tried shrinking the design down to about 50mm wide and the same behavior occurs. I tried switching USB cables (with and without ferrite ring) and also powered up an old CPU fan and aimed it at the laser module but the behavior still continues.

I’ve spent hours with different configurations. Would appreciate any help here.
Here are my specs:

Machine: 3018 CNC Pro Kit
Laser: 7W
GRBL Version: Grbl 1.1f

Here are the last few lines in the Lightburn console before the error occured:

GRBL config

I’m new to this and welcome any feedback

Adding photos if this helps

Job in Lightburn (QR obfuscated)


Error in console


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