80 or 90 degree lens selection

I have been looking at the lens choices for the camera. I have a Yellow & Black 700x500 laser and the hood opens to a height of about 690mm. On the web site it shows the entry for those as “1.4 for the 90 or 80 degree lens” but they are different so I’m having problems deciding between the two lens. 700/1.4=500 but is that for the 90 or the 80 deg. lens. I assume the 90, so what is the factor for the 80?
I want to get as clear a video as I can so want the best coverage as I can, so assume the 80 would be better, but don’t know from the list if it would be too much.

We don’t sell the 80 anymore since it is practically the same as the 90. You will note that the 80 appears as sold out.

Well, I guess that solves that problem. Probably should update the site :wink:
Thanks for the info. It looks like the 90 will have to due assuming my math is correct.

90 let’s me see a little more than the entire bed. I have the 60watt yellow and black.

The 80 should now be in its final resting place.

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