80 Watt Tube Material Test - 6mm Birch Ply

This 80 watt tube is around 3 years old and gets around 8 hours use a week.

I feels like it’s slowley fading especially when I cut 6mm birch ply.

I certainly feel like I’ve had my monies worth :grinning: just wondering how my material test compares to other 80 watt lasers out there.



I think this is a great topic for discussion and it’s in the right category. Is it OK if we undelete it and let it stand? I’d also like to hear other perspectives and experiences with this.


Are you in focus? I would expect much smaller lines from your machine…

What lens are you using?


It should be in focus jkwilborn, I’ve been using the same acrylic block to focus with for years, I’ve done a few ramp tests but will do another to satisfy myself that the height is correct.

The lens is…
Dia:20mm FL: 50.8mm 2"

I use the same lens quite frequently and I’m it’s much smaller… is it too much power?

It should be about 0.10mm kerf, that line looks much larger (thicker) to me… assuming it’s properly aligned and focused.


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