80W Chinese Red and Black not cutting succesfully through

I assume you mean mm / sec when you state the speed. (please be sure to specify). Here’s some points to go through that should get your cutting improved:

  • Calibrate your Laser Tube’s Power Supply if you have not done so already (otherwise you really don’t know if you’re within the ideal long-life current draw of the laser tube)
    Could this be a sign of a bad laser tube?

  • Get a Quality ZnSE lens with a longer throw if you want to cut
    Which lens to use

  • Upgrade to an air compressor and increase the air flow and pressure
    Air pump recommendations appreciated?

  • Ensure laser beam alignment is tuned in
    How to align your laser beam a handy guide

  • Check that your bed is plumb to the Gantry

  • Provide effective fume extraction
    Problems with Baltic Birch Plywood

  • Keep your mirrors and lens clean. Build up on these surfaces will first reduce power. Then over time, the film will gradually absorb more and more light until finally they are destroyed and need replacement. For cleaning, some denatured alcohol, soft cotton swabs, and some latex gloves (while handling the lens) should clean well.

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