80w Orion motor tech red and black

Im looking for Factory vendor settings from (Red and Black 80w CO2) bought through OMT if anyone has them. I screwed up and messed with them prior to saving, im close but here are my current settings for Y and X through RD Works on a 644XG. For anyone changing things for rotary device please heed my warning and save all files prior. Or your gonna have cold sweats accompanied by hot flashes with nausea and possible diarrhea.

I finally got a chance to dig my original OMT vendor files off the laptop. (wife’s been using it for work stuff)
I downloaded these from my 80w red&black when I first got it so hopefully they are what you need.

I had to add a .txt extension on the end to upload them here so you may need to remove that extension. Give 'em a try and see if they help you…

80 Watt Laser Default Vendor Settings Downloaded From Laser Itself.RDVSet.txt (1.3 KB)

RDWorks Software Default Parameters Backup File.RDUSet.txt (578 Bytes)

They were exactly what I needed, I owe you big time. How do you like the laser? I’m thinking of upgrading to a MCW 130w tube & power supply an adding 7" to tube housing. if I do ill be on here, im thinking mirrors and for sure lens change

Excellent! I’m glad that worked for you.
I like the machine just fine. No desire for a bigger tube at this time. Sometimes when cutting plywood I wish it was a little more powerful. Sometimes like when engraving glass I wish the tube was a little less powerful so I might have a little finer control at the low end of the power range. On average I think 80w is a good compromise.

Haven’t had any complaints about mirrors yet.
My main mods so far have been a quieter exhaust blower, getting it hooked up to shop air compressor, and some much needed additional lighting inside the cabinet.

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