8bit Greyscale in Pass-through is processed as 1 bit

I was checking to see if resampling was being done and how accurate it is and how it differs from if I resampled the image in alternate software to account for resizing and dpi (scan interval).

It appears pass-through processes greyscale 8 bit as 1 bit. I verified the gcode as well, it’s just on or off. I tried BMP and JPG, I know for certain the image is 8 bit greyscale.

I guess if resampling is being done and it’s a good algorithm, then no need for me to resample, but I need to pre-process anyway, thought it might be worth studying if LB does it accurately.


Pass-through only works for 1-bit images at the moment - it’s assumed that you’re dithering, which is the standard case where you’d want to disable the resampling because of moire artifacts.

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