8mp 95 lens help

I installed the camera on a 1300 x 900 bed laser
calibration went great alignment went great but there is a difference in the small picture in the camera control window and the overlay in control window (live shot, I see the complete work area but when I update overlay I loos about 13 inches from the front of the bed.
when I print the targets at 100 I can see all four but if I go to 300 I print all four and see them in the control window but the overlay does not show the front two by front I mean where you operate and load the machine

Here is a screen shot of the issue. The image in the control window is inverted because I needed the cable to come from the right side due to table size.

I discovered what my problem was with the camera, I used Lightburn on my recently sold 1000 x 600 Laser and the software was configured for that size table, (I changed table size on my desk top where I design but forgot to do so on the laptop.) Once I did that and recalibrated and aligned the camera all is perfectly set,
I did learn that I got a better calibration with the 8mp, 95mm lens Camera and my 1300 x 900 MM bed by setting the choice of standard lens or fish eye lens to standard.

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