8MP camera stock (or small mounts)

I have a 1300x900 bed machine I’d like to add a camera to, but the 8MPs seem out of stock. Is there an ETA on restock? If it’s going to be a while, I might fall back to a 5MP for now, but then … is there an ETA for a restock of the mounts?

We should have mounts online again by tomorrow. I have a bunch printed, I just need to assemble / prep them.

Great thanks! Should I infer the 8MPs are gonna be a bit?

8mps are going to be a bit, yes. We’ve had to change to a different model, and will need to adjust the mounts a little to accommodate a small change to the lens housing. Hoping to have them by the end of this month to mid next month.

Eager as I am to work out a process with the camera, I’ll keep an eye out and wait thanks!

Are you in the states if so I have a brand new one I never used. Its yours if you want it.


I waited until my laser arrived this weekend before ordering to make sure to get the right lens. DOH!

Also waiting anxiously for the 8MP wide. Any chance you can sell me one of the modules before the mounts are ready? I have a friend that is pretty handy with 3D modeling/printing and could modify your original mount file to work with the new module.

The cameras aren’t here yet - I can’t sell what I don’t have. By the time they’re finished manufacturing them, I should have some mounts ready too.

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