9.09 keeps telling there is a new version available

Since upgrading to 9.09 occasionally when I launch LightBurn it get prompted that there is a new version available but it is still 9.09.

Not a big deal but wanted to let you all know.

That’s because it is a new version, same version number, but a new patch in it. Just run the update.

The text reads, “An update is available for your version (0.9.09)”

I honestly thought this would be less troublesome.

Have done that, 2 twice now actually. I see if it happens again



It won’t, unless we push out another release. Highly unlikely for the 0.09.09 releases. We are moving on to testing the next set of tasks being done for a future release. We control these releases, when you are notified, and the message we provide to inform you of what we are notifying you about.

Thank you for reporting this. We are aware of the quick turn of events with the 9.09 releases as we are the ones managing these releases, but this is working exactly as designed.

Simply adding a minor version number would fix this. I don’t understand why this is so difficult. Why are you deliberately making things confusing for your users?

Yes, it has the same number, no I didn’t change the filename because the changes were small, and changing the filename means changing links all over the place. Just changing the content means I change one thing instead of 5 (per OS), across different sites and services online.

I won’t be doing this again except in reasonably extraordinary cases - the number of “but I already have this version” messages took way more time than updating all the version links would have.

“Why are you deliberately making things confusing for your users?” - now you’re just being mean, as there was no deliberate confusing people. It was an attempt to save some time, so fewer people would get a buggy version. I did not expect this much confusion over it. If anyone would like to take me outside and flog me publicly over this we can arrange it.

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LB, I can only imagine the time wasted (including reading this post and my time to post it) on such a simple little thing. I owned a business for 30 years and sometimes the most simple things to help people ends up costing you way more time than it was worth. So many people think they have the answers to things they have no idea of. Every time your operating system on your computer says you have an update, do you update? Treat this the same way. If you don’t want to update it, move on, but don’t gripe about it when something does not work right.
I got the message, I downloaded the newest version again and moved on.
If you tell me there is a newer version again today, I will download it and move on again.
Thank you.

Oz, You don’t have time for a public flogging! Please keep busy on the next update.

I am glad to be informed of a new release and really not that hard to do an update.

I agree with Willyivy. I don’t see how you can answer all these post and still get the software developed. And you have answered quite a few of mine! Thanks.

Technical support and software developer. I don’t see how you have time. Keep up the good work.

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