9.21 engraving order

When engraving an odd shaped thing, a mix of text and shapes and telling LB to engrave it all together (i think it’s fill all shapes at once). It seems the logistics of which order things are done is not ideal. It could be this file, as it is a one off, it could be 9.21, but it certainly behaved oddly. Instead of working bottom up, which I am used to, the laser worked seemingly largest area to smallest.

Could be nothing, could be something. I’ll see if i can find a simplified example, but what made me notice is lower parts of text were filled after the center parts.

I know this is hardly enough to go on.

Can you post the file here? (or email it to support@lightburnsoftware.com if you don’t want it public). It’s often quicker just to look at the settings you’ve applied to spot the issue, and sometimes it’s the file content itself.

No need, thank you for being willing to look, but this was an RTM issue on my part. I left Flood Fill on from a previous experiment and didn’t recognize the behavior.

That would certainly do it. :slight_smile:

If it’s easier for you, there’s a setting to have LightBurn reset all your cut settings to your chosen defaults on File → New, and you can set the defaults yourself in the Cut Settings window, either per layer, or globally. Some people use similar materials and files in production, so they want the settings remembered, others hate it, so we made it an option.

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