9.23 rotary bugs

9.23 version has too many bugs right now. can you tell me how to uninstall LB and download 9.22 only?
9.23 is not working well with my rotary (Rabbit laser brand) I have verified the settings and using the same settings as I have been for months. I’m trying to engrave a square image onto a tumbler and it’s coming out the correct width at the top of the square but 1/8’ smaller at the bottom. it’s tapered from top to bottom almost identical to the shape of the cup. in other words, the image is
2 3/4" across the top
2 5/8" across the bottom
2" tall

I am using the same rotary settings that I have always used.
thanks in advance!

If the cup is tapered, the burn will be tapered too.

You can install any older release from here: