A bit frustrated about text editing in LB

I love Lightburn. But there is a thing I knew the time will come when I will got a little bit frustrated.

i got now a job to do personalisations for a lot of tumblers. And I am very unhappy with the text editing abilities.

The first thing is: when the focus is on a text element and the cursor is blinking and I hit CTRL+A (Select all) in almost all apps the whole text will be selected to copy, overwrite or delete or whatever.
Lighburn will select all elements on the canvas.

The second: it is not possible to have different font sizes in one text element.

The third is a feature suggestion: I don’t remember exactly what app had this (probably Calamus on Atari): when I had a rotated text(box) and clicked into with the text editing cursor, the box and the text would TEMPORARILY switch to the horizontal view for easy editing. After clicking outside of the box the text will again rotate back. And for the rotary I need always 90 degrees rotated text.

Would save me a looooot of time and work.

Hi Thomas, don’t be frustrated, make a suggestion about your wishes in the right place, look at the menu list there is a link.

I commented on the suggestion, but I’ll copy it here: This seems like it would be perfect for Variable Text, which will let you auto substitute the names from a list as you run the jobs. Is every name being styled differently, or is this something that could be automated?


mostly differently to get a nice optic on the tumbler

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