A block member feature would be good to have for online safey

(John James) #1

after only one post on the forum already resulted in having some weirdo from the board contacting me through my email address and him claiming he tried to go on line to find out info about me on the internet like some sort of creepy stalker weirdo. made me realize this forum don’t have any sort of feature to allow someone to block anyone from being able to see their posts or respond.

(Isaac Barbary) #2

A block feature would be useful for this sort of situation.

That said, by your own admission, your username is going to attract creeps.

Why not change it? While the word smut may have a technical definition that has nothing to do with pornography, that understanding of the word is not the common usage. The addition of 420 at the end of your username, which has strong associations with Marijuana, just adds to the appearance that you are looking for someone to party with.

You can stubbornly plant your feet and insist that reality conform to your wishes and suffer the consequences or you could just pick a less suggestive username.

(Oz) #3

You email address is not visible to anyone but the admins here, so unless your email address happens to perfectly match your user name, no one here could contact you in this way. PM me the email you got and I can look into it.

(wildbee) #6

And this is why I tend to not use the forum much. It seems that too many are condescending, argumentative or just outright rude.

(wildbee) #7

Wow. Victim blaming at it’s best.

(Oz) #8

I deleted a lot of the original poster’s content, so you might not have the full context here - It was pretty argumentative right out of the gate.

On the other hand, no one here should be trying to dig up dirt on anyone else either, which is why I asked him to provide me the email.

Finally, if you see things in here that you think are condescending or rude, flag them - please. I can’t read everything, but I very much want to keep the forum constructive.

(Isaac Barbary) #9

A little bit, yes. Did you read the quote I included? smutboy admits most people think he’s talking about being a perve and yet chose that username any way. Make of that what you will.