A bug? unable to change object layer to tool layer

holder.lbrn2 (52.8 KB)

The attached file contains a group of rectangles, each of which has smaller rectangles within. The screen cap shows this to be grouped rectangles above the text. Additionally, there is a set of rectangles which were created by duplicating the grouped rectangles, ungrouping them and moving them to a new location.

I am able to select one or more of the ungrouped rectangles and change them to any layer other than a tool layer.

I am able to select any one of the grouped rectangles and change it to a tool layer. If I ungroup one of the grouped rectangles, it will not change to a tool layer.

If I group two or more of the ungrouped rectangles, both will change to a tool layer and when ungrouped, will remain on the tool layer.

It’s a work-around and not particularly troublesome, but I felt that it was worthwhile to pass it along.

no tool layer option

More of an oversight in user interaction… The reason you cannot change those to a tool layer is they have manual tabs on them. Switching to a tool layer would cause those tabs to be lost so the change is rejected. For grouped shapes though that check is not performed and it lets you do it.
So the solution for now is to either remove the manual tabs or turn tabs off (or to automatic) on those layers. Then you will be able to switch them.

Moving forward, I’ve added a warning and confirmation for that scenario. If you have manual tabs and try to change to a tool layer it will tell you that it will cause the tabs to be deleted and ask if you want to continue. This change will be in the next release.

Sorry for the confusion. Hope that helps!

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That’s a tremendous answer. It’s not immediately obvious, since tabs are mostly invisible. In the process of building this job, I also discovered that rescaling an object causes the tabs to vanish as well.
Thanks loads!

They don’t vanish, per se. I try to find a close point on the shape to move them to but that’s not always possible. In that case it will dump the tabs that cannot be moved.

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