A couple of questions (usb camera, fonts)

I’ve been looking at getting one of the Lightburn cameras (the new 8MP ones) but they’re out of stock. I read that one of the reasons the LB team were supplying their own is that the cameras generally came with the default set to the lowest resolution in firmware, and on Windows, the framework that LB uses doesn’t allow them to easily change that.

  • I’m on a Mac, and I see in the preferences that there’s a preference for “Camera resolution”, so am I right in assuming that any 8MP camera would do ?

  • If I were to get a camera from Amazon/Ebay, would it matter if it uses a fish-eye lens ? I’m assuming the software would have to be able to figure that out and de-fish-eye the image… Would it be better/required to get a linear imaging setup instead ?

  • Not really related, but since I’m posing questions :slight_smile: Any idea on whether SHX fonts work with Lightburn right now ? Last I saw was back on Aug 6th (which to be fair, wasn’t that long ago …):

“SHX fonts are working for non-unicode fonts, but a bunch of other infrastructure needs to go in to support them - namely integrating them with the font chooser, size normalizing, and setting up the prefs to let you choose where to find them.”

There’s a bunch of free SHX fonts out there, and I’d like to use vector text rather than rasterising it (so s…l…o…w :slight_smile: ) if at all possible.

If you’re on a Mac, yes, pretty much any USB camera should work. I cannot absolutely guarantee it will work, but it’s behaved well in our tests with a variety of decent quality webcams. We query the camera for supported resolutions and choose the highest available. Fisheye is fine - there’s a button to choose fisheye calibration in the lens calibration tool.

Avoid really high lens angles if you want good overall accuracy. 170 degree cameras work, but they’re a little harder to calibrate, and the extreme squish of the image around the outer edge makes those areas of the image less accurate. Software can only do so much.

SHX fonts are functional, but I need to write a lot of UI and other infrastructure to handle them - where are they on your system? How do you choose them? Do I preview them? Do I allow them on a curve? Should LightBurn treat them like any other font? (it’d be nice, but it’s work) Things like that.

Ta very much :slight_smile:

I was only looking at 90º cameras, which works out well for my bed (1m across) and height above the bed.

Re: the fonts. Understood about the UI. I’ve written applications, and the UI can be more than half the effort :slight_smile:

UI is sometimes easier and sometimes harder here - That framework mentioned handles a decent amount of it - the font chooser, for example, is provided. Adding SHX fonts to that means doing strange things to integrate them in, or making a second chooser “under” the existing one and having you flip between them, etc. I also have to write all the cursor positioning and hit testing code for the SHX fonts if I want them integrated into the UI in the same way as the existing ones.

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