A different type of camera alignment perhaps

First of all, Lightburn is THE BOMB! Love it! I think this has been brought up before, but I will try to spin it again… For the print and cut feature, it would be great if a simple webcam could be installed on the moving head of the laser that could use a simple interface to view the camera with a crosshair to position over the two required targets. The camera would have a fixed offset from the actual laser beam dependent on how it was mounted and this would be the camera’s “offset”. If you could jog and position the camera over the target, being able to view it on the computer screen with the cross hairs, and tell light burn, here is target one, and then target two, you could simply add (or subtract) the offset of the camera compared to the laser output and then do the print and cut as usual. This would be an awesome addition and would make print and cut even better that it already is!!! Thanks for looking…

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