A few minor complaints - font size and option tabs

I taught a workshop on Lightburn today at our makerspace. The 2 that are current RD Works users were flabbergasted by the features, and were really amazed at what LB offers, which I wasn’t surprised to see.

During the workshop, a few things stand out that are really somewhat minor, but would making future workshops much better for me. These may be from general ignorance on my part.

  1. When teaching on the projector/big screen, I changed my LB font size to be larger so people can see it easier. This worked on the menu items, but many of the tabs and dropdowns kept the small font, causing many to not be able to see the presentation. Can this be resolved?

  2. The whole floating tab thing on the side window is very hard to manage. I wish there was one button /option that I can just put all of the option windows into a single list of tabs, instead of having to flounder around to get the windows to be consistent. Every person in the class had a different experience on where things are, and it was quite frustrating. The small font (see #1) didn’t help. I know that for most of us that have a single set up, it’s not a big deal. But when you are teaching a class and pulling up tab after tab to discuss the features, it becomes a hot mess.

Thank you
Jeff Johnson
Chattlab Makerspace

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