A little confused!

Apologies ( again ).

I am wanting this little ornament to cut out in a circle, with the dog shape cut out of the middle, but joined to the circle. I keep thinking I have it right, but then play the preview, and actually dont think I have! I ideally want the paw and nose thats joined, for those shapes to be cut out of the rim, rather than loose themselves at the join point

I dont have my laser yet, so cant test it - but the preview shows the inner circle/dog cut first, and then it cuts the outer circle… So, in my mind, this will end up being the centre piece, and then another separate circle…rather than it coming out as a thick like circular rim almost, with the dog attached to the inside of the rim. does that make sense?

I dont know why, I just cant get my head around it. the attached screenshot shows what I want it to look like, but the way it is cutting it just makes me wonder? can someone put my mind at rest?

Also, I am wanting to order a lightburn camera in readiness for my laser coming. It is a mantech desktop 60w laser with 300x300 bed. which camera would I need please?

thank you so much, and apologies in advance for such a newbie question

That should cut correctly as is. As far as the camera, I think it is suggested that you wait until you have the laser as exact measurements are critical to ordering the correct camera.

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thank you once again for your help, it is very much appreciated

If I take your posted image and simply fill the desired areas that will be removed, you can see what your result will be after cutting this job. I filled the red sections using an external image editing tool. The piece you designed is shown in white.

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Rick, why not just invert image into LightBurn`s preview to see the (correct) result. :wink:

thats great Rick - thanks so much. That puts my overactive. mind to rest. I was tying myself in knots lol

Well, for a few reasons. I don’t have the file, and was offering a fast response, but yes, this is another option to show a different view. Although, this is designed to show what your output will look like on a dark surface.

Pre-caffeine joke of the day (sorry in advance):

Here is a reference for next time: https://www.animatedknots.com/


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