A lot of laser problems after installing an extension

Ok got most issues fixed. Except I changed bed size for extension but laser only homes half, then have to press home again to home full length of bed? Laser will move properly when using line to draw a square but when I choose engrave it only moves left and right repeatedly when 1 pass is selected?

1 - When you home the limit switches are triggered?
2 - Look for your settings for “Job Origin” and “Start From”
Job origin

3 - There was a similar problem on other topic because the rotary was enabled. Check your settings and disable rotary.
4 - Do you made all the connections right?

I think you changed something more than that unintentionally. :thinking:
Sorry for I can´t be more helpful… :unamused:

The limit switch are turned off. When I home the module continuously bangs into frame, bam bam bam and don’t stop until I turn laser off. My laser is set to that position for home. Not sure how to turn rotary on or off? Ya somethings very wrong no clue what’s going on.

In your place i will check all the settings start from the beginning. On menu “Edit” pay special attention to units (inches or mm) in “Settings”
There is a command to do in “console” window to “download” all parameters from device board but I don’t know it. Have to search.
There are members here, with that information, can help you much better than me.

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