A moment to Thank LB!

I know the world of SW dev. is ungrateful, constant bugs and feature requests.
Just wanted to take a step back looking at my last year of constant positive surprises, there are a lot and “hidden” gems.
Once I got the basics under control, I figured I would be nice to have some defaults applied:

  • Found the Laser - Library
    Wanted to do 3 jigs setup.
  • Found the save/load of absolute positioning
    Needed to do invitations
    -Found the Variable text
    Always having some basic shapes I loaded from project:
  • Found the “Art Library”
    And the “vision” system with camera, also supporting 3.rd party cams, is a stroke of genius.

Plus a ton of other control features, on cut order, priority, layer control, fill patterns, preview (Preview is important also)

Yes, yes… there is a lot of feature requests the designpart could be more CAD-like, more shape/forms (or opening up to allow for plugins: Nesting, Box generator, gears, hearts, organic shapes ?) , but I think for the core delivery, controlling the laser, I think it’s great !

Most used features: Camera, Art library, Preview

Thank you guys(/girls?).
Have a great day !

PS: Also a core delivery: Engaging in the support forum :slight_smile:


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