A new layer for a text variable?

I am new to this so please forgive …
I want to burn an out line on one layer - fine can do that!
Then I want to add text to another layer. The outline is fixed but the text will change.
How do I get to add that second (text) layer?

You’re almost there!

Click the Text tool (the letter A in the toolbar), click where you want the text to appear, and start typing. The text will appear in whatever layer you have active, which is probably the same Cut layer you’re using for the outline: not to worry.

When you’re done typing, click the Select tool (arrow aimed up-and-left in the toolbar), click the text you just typed to select it, then click the layer you want in the Layer palette.

You now have two layers with two different colors: the outline and the text. You can (and should!) change their layer settings for best results.

There are keyboard shortcuts for most of those clicks, but that’s in the nature of fine tuning. Reading through the doc will get you started:

Welcome aboard …

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Thanks Ed,
My problem was that the bottom line of the screen wasn’t visible! I had no idea that was the layer selector! Changed screen details so now OK.
I think the layer selector would be better it it was a drop down from the top menu bar!
Have a good Christmas.

Move the mouse pointer way over to the left end of the bar, just beyond the black layer (C00), where the pointer turns into a four-headed arrow. Click-and-drag the layer palette to the top / left / right / top side of the main window.

They gotcha covered! :grin:

Oh, and for Christmas you gotta ask for a bigger monitor …

bigger laser …?

Typical boy … wants a bigger toy …


If it fits through the door, it’s not big enough!

Size is not everything; it’s the way you use it!

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