A new line of merch

Good day all. I’m kicking around the idea of adding a new line of merch to sell to Brides. I’ve never really done much wood engraving with my CO2. I’d like to create something like this pic below for giggles to see how it’s received.

When it comes to wood sheets, I know I can get them off Amazon. Basswood, Birch, etc… I know bamboo is kind of hit or miss. I want to stay away from that species.
What I don’t know is which wood species is the easiest to cut/use on the CO2. Easiest or takes stain better than another, etc…


Can any of you wood cutters/engravers chime in?

Hope all is well.

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Maple or Birch does well and for what it looks like you want, Cherry would allow you to engrave and not have to stain.
CraftCloset has the best material I have bought.

Appreciate the info Ferg…

I have had great results in bamboo. Nice dark clean burns… the different wood grains give nice character. I do lots of Baltic birch and mahogany. Cherry is also very nice for dark black burns also takes on a deep color with tung oil or an oil based stain. walnut too… There’s lots of great options.

Teak wood works great. It also smells heavenly while burning (not recommended, but pleasant :smiley: )

Thanks all.

I ordered an 8 pack of 12 x 8 basswood sheets off Amazon yesterday to play with over the weekend. Since I was a small time wood worker, I have sanders, stains, etc… available to mess with.