A 'Point' like in RDw? Also node edit hot key

In RDw there is a Point [left side- looks like a starburst] that I use a lot- it can be grouped but will not actually be acted upon- no cutting or engraving. IE- my file cut before engraving and now I want to engrave without cutting- it will maintain the corner that the laser is starting from.

Also the hotkey for node editing is Cnt+’ in the Tool dropdown and Cnrl+ - in the hot keys I downloaded from this site- neither works for me. It works fine from the Tool menu. Yes, I do a lot of node editing. Thanks Gene

Node editing is Ctrl + the backward apostrophe (usually above the tilde key, upper left of the keyboard).

LightBurn does not have a point primitive at the moment, but it also doesn’t alter the output origin if you turn on / off different layers, or just use ‘Cut Selected Graphics’.

You can tell it you want it to change the origin by enabling the ‘Use Selection Origin’ toggle as well - then the origin point is computed from just what’s being run.

The Node editing shortcut doesen’t work for me neither. I don´t have the apostrophe key where you said (spanish keyboard), but I tried every key with Ctrl and no one does the trick

Well that sucks… It’s this character:

When I type it, I get these: `

What do you have on yours in that position?

And what happens when you select Ctrl + the key I have marked?

nothing happens. And nothing with the key down this nor the up key. No one of the accent or apostrophe key works. and I tried all the other keys and no one enter on node edit mode, I also tried with Ctrl+Shft and those keys and doesen´t works. Of course double cheked first all is ungrouped

ok. Changed the keyboard from Mèxico to Spain and the key you marked works

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That works- never noticed that key before:upside_down_face:
Thanks- I will try to work around the Point problem, just getting serious about learning LB. Gene

Can you go to Help > Enable Debug Logging and then try pressing the key in the upper-left, by itself, then with Ctrl, then press the key Rick highlighted by itself, and then again with Ctrl. Then quit, and send me the LightBurnLog.txt file from your documents folder. I should be able to figure out which key that is.

I can’t use N (Ctrl-N is new file). I could probably just use Ctrl+1, as everyone should have that. I could just make an alias shortcut that acts as a backup.

Changed the keyboard from Mèxico (latinamerican) to Spain and the key Rick marked works. Anyway, I get back to latin and get the debug to send it

LightBurnLog.txt (194 Bytes)

here it is, made a mistake before

Well, the upper-left key is pretty consistent, but the other one flips, and in the second file you posted, Ctrl + that key doesn’t resolve to anything, so I’ll likely try using the upper-left one if I can.

The natural distribution of my keyboard is Spain, not latin, so that was probably the problem. I think any keyboard with that apostrophe key in it (anywhere it’s placed), set in windows to it’s natural cofiguration, should work. I deleted the first file posted cause pressed the incorrect key ( I pressed the key just under the ricks marked)

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