A question of quality -Picture quality

So say I prep a photo in PSP to a certain DPI and size and then bring that photo into Lightburn. If I now resize it again to fit the substrate I want to work on will the picture change its characteristics?

If you bring an image into LightBurn, resizing it will stretch and resample the image to the specified size / DPI.

If you’re speaking specifically about pre-dithered images, you’ll need to use the “Pass Through” setting, so LightBurn will not attempt to resample the image, as doing this with dithered images produces moire artifacts.

Thanks OZ. I was just curious. Mostly because I take a 500dpi processed photo and drop it in to LB and Im having a lot of trouble getting that to the machine… It says sending and there is no error message but when i look at the files on the machine the file is not there. Too big I guess. Ive ever dropped the DPI in LB to 254 and it does not transfer. I need to get the machine on the network

Nothing about the DPI setting should affect whether it transfers to the machine, with a couple caveats:

  • If you are using “Start”, it’s sending to the machine while trying to run the job. High DPI jobs take a fair bit of computation, so this can cause trouble with transfers. Using “Send” instead then running from the machine will help, because it’s only doing one thing at a time

  • If you have the DPI set too high, or the image is too large, and you have a lot of files on your system (or just don’t have enough memory for the size of the image) it will prevent it from transferring as well. How big is the image?

Thanks for that info. One issue I seem to be having and Im not sure if its the machine or LB is that when I do delete a file either from the machine interface or via the LB console and hit refresh it will still show the file in the list and thats even after Ive confirmed the deletion.
I am trying to clear out the memory, maybe something more drastic is needed here.

Depending on the file size and their position in the list, sometimes deletions take quite a while. Deleting the last file seems to be faster than deleting the first one, and issuing a “Delete All Files” is very fast.

I deleted all files and that did help. Cannot get the Ethernet cable working yet but did get a new USB and it helped some. Thanks for the help