A thing so nice we have it twice

I hope this still counts as a Creation Forum worthy Project

( I do NOT plan on either selling or sharing the Files / Instruction to replicate this Project, sorry )

One of the immediate things I adored while watching a bunch of LightBurn Tutorial Videos was the use of Print and Cut to do stuff like saving a Sheet that didn’t do well which… Without a Red Dot Laser on my G·Weike Cloud kind of immediately flew out of the window - Bummer… Might as well pack it up again and send it back :expressionless:

Yeeeaaa riiight… :grin: So… Here’s my take on adding a Red Dot Beam Combiner to my Unit:

CAD Model of Assembly and parts of the Gantry

Assembly attached to the X-Axis Gantry

Faint glow of the Red Dot showing through

Rough alignment done

Link to a short YouTube Video showing it in action

Cheers! :wink:


Sorry, but I really don’t see what you’re trying to protect here by not sharing.

I thought this forum was to share and improve our shared interests.


A mystery indeed =)

OP shows:

  • Proof of Concept with a Screenshot of the CAD Project
  • Two Photos of the physical Product installed
  • Another Photo demonstrating it working
  • And a short Video

OP gets called out for not having made it because he’s not sharing the Project.

Don’t let it keep you up at night… it’s always something :poop:


Anybody that owns a telescope can likely duplicate this. Any patents on beam combiners have long expired. Does look good, tho…