A while back LB crashed while editing nodes. Since then i CANNOT drag N drop

A while back LB crashed while editing nodes. Since then, i CANNOT drag N drop ANY type of file into the open program. I even uninstalled and re-installed.
Not a nubie. Is there a configuration file that can be edited?
Win 11 workstation
problem started with v 1.3 , im now on 1.4 and it still happens.

@bodisafa - Just going through a few ‘day-olds’ and it looks like this got overlooked.

You may be able to import an lbprefs (preferences) file and over-write the strange behavior that you’re now seeing.

LightBurn saves the preferences files often so this may work well for you.

Open Windows Explorer and type lbprefs into the search bar.

When you find the location with dozens of these files you’ll notice that they’re dated. Open the file location. Copy a file from this directory with a date that corresponds with when you feel LightBurn was working well for you. (before the crash)

Save that copy to the desktop.

While you’re there, if it’s not too much trouble, grab a copy of a more recent lbprefs file. If this works, I’d like to attempt to compare them and spot the problematic setting.

Maybe we can keep it from happening again or often.

Open LightBurn without a project,
click File, click Import Prefs and select the older file.

Please let me know if that works and if you’re willing to share the lbprefs files.

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