A20 ACER PRO 24 watts Laser dos not burn at any %

Just bought an A20 ACER PRO 24 watts and after some initial problems (from my part) I got it running OK now. HOWEVER, when I tell him to “FRAME” he goes and do the FRAMING and when I tell it to “START” it GOES and START… but it DOES NOT BURN at all. I can see the very small “BLUE DOT” use for FRAMING, but it will not BUT at any % Power when engraving. WHAT am I missing???

Have you used the Preview window to check it out?

Can you do a screen capture of the Cut Settings Window and upload it here?

With any power issue the very first thing I check if I haven’t done any hardware changes is check that $30 and S-Value settings are the same just to make sure one has not been accidentally changed.

I think the Problem is with the "$$- Codes…

Here you have the DEVICE Settings…

Device settings look ok, except I see your workspace is in inches. That brings up the question, have you selected the mm / min option in the Settings window? Working in mm with the diode laser is much simpler. And this is said by a guy that was raised on the inches-foot system.

I looked up your machine, and having a look at your Cut Settings Editor window, and what material you are using, would be helpful.