A20 Mini DSP compatibility

LightObject now sells a budget-friendly Ruida controller called A20 Mini DSP for $145. Their store page says it supports Lightburn and wifi, which sounds great.

Does anyone have experience with this controller? I can’t find any information about use Lightburn with it. For a hobbyist like myself, would there be any real advantage in a more expensive DSP controller?

The RDC5121 Lite is slower and has less capability than something like an RDC644x - More than two axes, Ethernet, colour panel, faster chip, autofocus, etc.

Certainly the 5121 is way better than something grbl at a similar price point.

I would say it’s a good option.

Thanks for the feedback. It looks like you’re suggesting the RDC5121 Lite? Can you say how that compares to the one I asked about (A20 Mini DSP)?

My machine has only two axes (no Z/focus). The A20 Mini DSP has a color panel, surprisingly enough.

The A20 is the name that vendor uses for the 5121

How can you tell? To my untrained eye, they look quite different. Different button configurations. Different displays (RDC5121 is monochrome, A20 is full color).

I can post a link to the A20 Mini DSP if that will help clarify. I just don’t know if it’s allowed.

The TL-A20 is a TopWisdom controller - it runs natively on AutoLaser, but is also supported by LightBurn.

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