Ability to set layers rules

I’ve been using Lightburn for a little over a year and absolutely love it so hats off to all the developers! I’m a file designer and use it for design exclusively. One thing that I’d like to suggest if it doesn’t already exist is to have the ability to set rules for the layers panel as a whole. I have assigned most of the color layers for specific default purposes and had I known better when I started, would not have chosen red 02 for the cut operation. I didn’t realize the significance of the numbers at that time. Now that I have designed hundreds of files, changing my 02 to say 29 so it would always be the last operation would be a headache to go back and update them all.
What I’d like to have is the ability to assign the order of operation as an optional rule to say make my red 02 layer always run last regardless of it’s order in the layers panel. I know I can arrange all of the operations in the layers panel which I do, however sometimes certain edit actions after the fact change that order and I don’t always notice it until I run the job. I hadn’t noticed this happening until a few updates ago btw. I do use the order by layer option in Optimization settings and thought maybe it could be an extension of that setting? If there is already a way to make a layer run last outside of what I’m already doing, please let me know. Thanks for creating such a great product!

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