Aborting a Frame Operation?

With a Ruida controller is there any way to abort a frame operation once it has been started from LightBurn (either from LightBurn or from the laser control panel)?

Sometimes I hit the frame button with the origin mode set incorrectly and would like to stop the frame operation before the laser hits a limit.

I just hit the E stop.

That’s one way of doing it.

Hey,I said that I was a newbie…
I’ve had a CNC for 4 years now but just this week I added the JTech 7 watt.
I’m still struggling with lightburn and the E stop has come in handy many times already.
I think I’ve used it more this week than I ever have.

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With a Ruida, I don’t believe there is. I’ve never found one.

I don’t think you can. Before I got a camera hooked up, I relied on the frame function a lot. Now, not so much. In fact, I don’t think I’ve used it once since I got the camera working. The problem with the frame button was usually that the speed was set really slow and it would take forever to finish so what I used to to do was just hit the pause button and then increase the speed so it will finish faster.

Most of my projects, I literally frame with a rectangle on an independent layer toggled for no output. This allows easy indexing, customized “framing” speeds, easy singular object selection if needing to re-cut something on a layout, etc…

In my CAD experience, framing an entire project file is my personal best practice.

Ironically, my CNC Router CAD/CAM software (VCarve Pro) essentially does this inherently when specifying the material size in a project. Although it’s a little different, it’s almost the same.

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